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Easy OHIP Billing. Period.

We re-invented OHIP Billing when we created Ontario's first and most advanced  Internet-based OHIP billing system. And, even though our system is light years ahead of our competitors, we're not satisfied with resting on our laurels.

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CabMD® has been tried and tested. With over 3,000 Physicians using CabMD® to submit their claims to OHIP, to the tune of over $26 Million each month, you can have complete confidence that CabMD® will surpass your expectations.

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Powerful & Fast

Come see why CabMD® has been regarded as the easiest and most powerful OHIP billing system to use. We've helped our users bill  using CabMD®. Join us!

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We don't advertise.

We don't need to! Our business model is simple: Build the best OHIP billing system and charge a ridiculously low price. The rest will take care of itself. As a result, we've seen our subscribership grow exponentially.

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Seamlessly Schedule & Bill

Now CabMD® lets you bill and schedule your patients. CabMD® makes patient scheduling hassle free and it allows you to automatically integrate your billing into your clinic workflow. It's easy to learn and easy to use. Streamline your practice management with CabMD®! Start today.

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Never Install Anything

Unlike other billing programs, CabMD® is Internet-based. This enables our users to submit claims from anywhere, anytime and completely securely! The future is now, so why are you using that horribly outdated software?

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Automatic File Processing

Your files upload and download via MCEDT/GoSecure without you having to lift a finger, it's all automated. Just add and correct errors. Simple! Never worry about using a floppy disk or modem again.


Enhanced Security

CabMD® is secure. Users connect via a secure connection (SSL), our server uses a completely encrypted database and we operate enterprise-level firewalls (that's the kind that banks use).


Excellent Support

CabMD® is completely Internet-based, and support is just an email (or phone call) away. There's no waiting for support staff to stop by your home or office to resolve hardware or software issues. We also have a dedicated support forum for issues here.

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Dr. Reg Gorczynski

Emergency Physician, GTA

I REALLY liked the prompts that advised me of shift premiums I could bill additionally! I've never used those premiums, and I'm guessing your program has already accrued an extra $50-100 for this billing submission alone! Great!!!

Reza Hasselaar

Billing Agent, Kingston

I love it! It works great! I think the whole system is pretty slick and very easy to use.